Pneumatic Clamps

Hold Down Action-Pneumatic Clamps

These clamps utilize the same basic design and operation as manual hold down, only they are operated pneumatically. As the clamp uses the toggle action principle it ensures that the clamp stays locked in the event of air failure. These clamps are extremely compact in design and feature a very low height, allowing free movement of operating tools in drilling, tapping, milling etc. The clamp units are completely self contained with a double acting cylinder and require only to be connected to the air line. The clamping arm exhibits a minimum 95 opening angle for easy unloading of workpiece and is available in two different options.

Hold Down Action-Pneumaic Clamp Fixed Cylinder

These Fixed Cylinder clamps are identical to the Hold Down Action Pneumatic clamps with the exception of Cylinder Mounting design. The outstanding characteristic of the clamp is that the cylinder does not move at all while the clamp is in operation. As there is no movement in the cylinder, fixed solid tubing can be used instead of flexible tubing in welding applications. The clamping arm exhibits a minimum 80 opening angle for easy unloading of workpiece and is available in two different options.

Hold Down Action-Pneumatic Clamps Right Angle

Primarily these clamps belong to the same family of pneumatical hold down clamps with a exception of mounting flexibility. These clamps utilize the same basic design and operation as the pneumatic hold down clamps. In addition these clamps have a flexibility of mounting themselves on the side of the fixture and can also be mounted on top of the fixture. The clamps are used where a right angle model is desirable due to the space constraint. These clamps are nomenclatured as Right Angle Hold Down Clamps as the position of the cylinder is in the downwards perpendicular direction to the clamping unit. Due to these features these clamps can be accommodated in lesser area than the hold down clamps. The clamping arm exhibits a maximum 95 opening and is available in two different options. The typical applications of these clamps are on rotary indexing tables, wood working, injection moulding, PU mould closures, etc.

Straight Line Action Pneumatic Clamps

These clamps utilize the same basic design as manual straight line action clamps with an exception of pneumatic actuation. They are completely self contained with a double acting cylinder suitable to the clamp design and only need pressurised air connection. These cylinders are mounted in line with the plunger of the clamp. The to-and-fro motion of the cylinder operates the clamp. The cylinder piston extends the plunger of the clamp to achieve the lock position and vise versa for unlocking the clamp. The clamp plunger is drilled and tapped for easy loading of suitable adaptors. Plungers are hardened and ground which run in closed toleranced holes for smooth and accurate functioning of clamps. These clamps are widely used in fixtures where locating of components or holes is required and also in mini-automized presses.

H.V. Series-Pneumatic Clamps

These clamps are the air powered version of the manual H.V. Series. They comprise of a very strong and rugged toggle mechanism actuated by a double acting cylinder. The clamping arm is provided with the clamp and can be welded at any desired angle to suit the individual requirement of work pieces. These clamps carry the ‘Over Centre Toggle Lock’ principle for maximum safety as they remain in locked condition even in case of air failure. The clamps have almost all the features of the manual H. V. Series clamps. These clamps are available in three sizes off the shelf.

SSC Series-Pneumatic Clamps

SSC Series Pneumatic Clamps are the solution to applications, which demands 'Precision', 'Performance' and the most important factor as far as fixturing is concerned 'Compactness'. These clamps have been specially designed by gathering information and suggestions from customers presently using Steel-Smith pneumatic clamps. The design helps a fixture manufactureras far as space constrains is concerned.These clamps are flexible from the maintenance point of view, with features like compatible to all standards, brands and types of pneumatic cylinders. The linkages, connector to piston rod, and the clamping device consists hardened bushings and pivot pins which are easily replaceable in case of wear outs. The clamping device comes with mounting holes, which can be according to the customer's requirement helping them to standardize on their clamping adaptors. The Mounting of the clamp can also be customized in case of substitutes. SSC - Series pneumatic clamps are available in cylinder size from 16mm bore to 63mm bore size.
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